Clan Lead - Frequently asked questions

What's this site is used for?

It's a tool for Clash Of Clans' players. It helps clan leaders, co-leader to check members' performance, including recent war stars, clan game scores, troop donations. It has a page including a member's profile, wars, clan games, season donations.

There is an example: Ada

Where does all the data come from?

All the data is from Clash Of Clans' official API:

What do I need to do after searching my clan from the home page?

Nothing, your clan will be track forever from now on.

Does it track previous wars, clan games, donations before I search my clan?

No, it tracks after you search your clan.

Why are there no wars displayed for my clan?

First, make sure your clan war logs is open, if it's closed, we have no permission to access your clan's war logs. If it is your first time visiting the "War logs" or "War schedule" and your clan is in preparation state, no war will be displayed. The war will be displayed at most after 8 hours the war is "In war" state.

Is all the data 100% accurate?

Not all the time. It tries to be as accurate as possible. For wars, the war details can only be fetched when it's "In War" state or a few hours before the next war is started. In other states, no war or preparation, only war summary can be got. So if a member attacks at the last minute of the war and the automation job is not working on fetching your clan's war log (when the job queue is very big) during that period, then it may miss the war stars of the member's attack. The same case works for Clan Game, if a member does a task at the last minute of the clan game, the score may be missed.

By now, it's accurate until we have more than 10,000 clans or even more.

Is all the data in real time?

No. All the clans, all the players are updated one by one, so the data is not real time.