Clan Lead

Helps chiefs to lead clan better!

Key features:

NOTE: Clan war logs are needed to be set to open. Or the war related features will not work.

Currently, we have 127502 players in 790 clans.

Just input your clan tag and everything is ready to go, no sign-up is needed! Note: all the data are tracked from now on, your wars may be empty if your clan is not at "in war" state currently.

Search clan

Arrange clan war easily by selecting the top N members.

war schedule sample

View clan member's profile in detail, including stars in every war, donations in every season, scores in every clan game.

profile sample

View war detail ordered by members' total stars in two attacks.

war logs sample

View clan game detail ordered by members' score in the game.

clan games sample

View members' troop donations in a season.

donations sample

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